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My father made a huge impact on why I wanted to start my business. When I lost my dad suddenly, my world changed. I was left with a wealth of memories and no way to capture them. My husband encouraged me to pursue a career in photography and after working with several couples who had been rushed in their wedding planning due to health or family tragedies, I realized that I had a gift for making people feel cared for and important. 

I am here to get to know you so your images, album, and wall art reflect your personality and relationships with those who are important to you. I want you to have the best day! Your feelings will come back when you see your photos. So just because someone has a style that you like, doesn't mean that it will automatically remind you of happy times. Invest in your relationship with your photographer so you can fall in love with your photos too!

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Fun Fact

"I am 28 years old and still learning how amazing self care is for my health."

I would love to be a morning person, but honestly, I’m not haha! I like to start off my day by eating a healthy breakfast and drinking coffee. I also like to go on a morning walk with my Golden Retriever, Tony. During this slow morning routine I make it a point to read or listen to something that will get me thinking in a positive way. 

I consider myself a highly sensitive person, so feeling rushed and chaotic is something I aim to avoid. Noise canceling headphones while I work is a must! You can always catch me trying to reorganize my office and home in order to create a clean and cozy environment! 

Involvement in volunteer work is very important to me. I love spending many hours a month trying to help others. I have valued this for my whole life. My parents were also very involved in looking out for those who are often forgotten. This is a part of my weekly routine!

An Average Day Looks Like This....

I do not want to simply show up and take pictures of your wedding. It is my ultimate goal to connect with and help you as a friend. I care deeply about people and want to provide reassurance and calmness for you to feel confident and relaxed while we work together. 

Supporting My Client's Day Through Photography

Fun Fact

"My husband, Casey, and I got married in October of 2017 in Rockford, MN"

Ok so here is a less formal introduction of me!

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